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Freezepop is a perfect name for this band, as they play that kind of cold, sterile, danceable, and beautiful Kraftwerk-derived pop mastered by the likes of The Human League, Men Without Hats, and The Pet Shop Boys in the •80s; currently enjoying a renaissance in indie circles thanks to the likes of Ladytron, Add N to (X), and Barcelona. Like a freezepop, the music on Forever is both icy and sweet, an irresistible combination in these hot summer months. •80s pop-culture references like •Robotron 2000• (evoking memories of the great video game Robotron 2084) and •Tracey Gold• (a paen to the Growing Pains star) match well with burbling synths, vocodered vocals, and drum machines, making this a treat you can gobble down again and again without fear of brainfreeze. Other highlights include such catchy songs as •Harebrained Scheme,• •Freezepop Forever,• and •Get Ready 2 Rokk.• This band is just as refreshing and fun as its namesake • and without the calories!

The Archenemy Record Company, PO Box 802, Boston, MA 02134;,

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