As the wah-wah programmed organs and doo-wop harmonies of “I Know About It” bubble up from thin air, it had become quite evident that Micromars reeks of 21st century lounge-pop. Lying in close quarters to Stereolab and Towa Tei, Micromars create such tangible, sing-along songs that it’s hard not to crack a smile and nod along, no matter how goofy it might appear. Organs squelch with the cutoff and resonance knobs being twisted like a pretzel through “Mobile” and the humorously titled “Why Didn’t My Parents Buy Me a Casio?”

Subtle and careful, but simple placement of melodies, Metro is a trek through the intersection between analogue and contemporary pop architecture. Every song reminds me of an updated version of American Bandstand, minus all the hysterical teenage girls in the crowd. But with such catchy, charming tunes, I wouldn’t be surprised is the girls were included in this package.

S.H.A.D.O. Records, Via Potente 9, 50019, Sesto, F.NO, Firenze, Italy; http://www.shadorecords.com

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