Unitone World Sampler 1: An Electronic World

Unitone World Sampler 1: An Electronic World

Various Artists


The most astonishing marriage of electronic and world music, bar none. This will fill the cavity of anyone who truly enjoys world music but finds that sometimes it’s a little too sluggish to dance to, or a little unfulfilling in the language department. World Sampler 1 takes things further and injects the lulls of world tunes with infectious dance beats. Pairing drum and bass with Japanese flutes, it’s an artistic, cultural, beautiful thing, and if you could describe being open minded through music, this would be your CD. Friends, Lover & Family carry the best tunes, with Plug, Fluid, and Force Of Angels following close behind. This disc is worth every penny you could spend on it, and if you buy only one album this week, make it this one. Soothe your ears, your groove and your soul with something different and amazing.

Unitone Recordings, LLC, PO Box 260410, Encino, CA 91426-0410; http://www.unitonerecordings.com

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