Chitlin’ Fooks

Chitlin’ Fooks

Chitlin’ Fooks

Hidden Agenda/Parasol

Leave it to the Dutch to come up with a name which gives you absolutely no idea of what you’re in for. Chitlin’ Fooks is a collaboration between Bettie Serveert’s Carol Van Dyk and Sukilove’s Pascal Deweze, taking a swing at many country and blues standards (Gram Parsons’ “Juanita,” Jimmie Rodgers’ “Mississippi Delta Blues”) and seamlessly mixing in some of their own. While Bettie Serveert specializes in somewhat dark, Velvets-influenced pop (I’m not sure about Sukilove), this particular outing is most definitely Country, American. Purists may argue the point — there’s quite a bit of the Velvet Underground’s sleepy drawl mixed in with the references to the Mississippi and Ole Black Joe. But overall, Chitlin’ Fooks are a somewhat sparse, relaxing jaunt across an acoustic countryside. Van Dyk posses an angelic voice that manages to be clear and commanding without straying into dramatics, while Deweze’s vocals are a bit more on the bored Continental side. Not exactly what you’d expect from the Lowlands, but not bad at all.


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