Colongib and Christopher Graves

Colongib and Christopher Graves

Special Rumble


These people speak a strange language, and I don’t claim to understand what they’re saying at all. But I do appreciate its sound. Colongib and Christopher Graves belong in the gang of cutups that use smallish loops to construct oddly stilted but largely rhythmic compositions. It’s a sound simultaneously organic and artificial. On “Gimble The Nozzle,” it’s the beat of an unbalanced washing machine punctuating a reedy subtle chord line and absentminded bass. As the song progresses, the loops seem to wander off on their own, returning occassionally to chat and synch. In this and other tracks here, you get the eerie feeling of deliberateness, a cold calculation behind the apparently random events of sound.

An unusual listening experience — difficult to relate but easy to appreciate.

Kracfive Records:

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