The Hissyfits

The Hissyfits

Letters From Frank

Top Quality Rock n’ Roll

Riot grrl rock n’ roll that moves between the old school punk rock pop of Blondie and the now sound of bands like Sleater-Kinney. Sometimes it’s like neither. It’s rough around the edges, but it feels so good. New York breathes between the chords and the drums hit like fast traffic. Sometimes the vocals remind me of Luscious Jackson, but against an energy that pulls upon influences that range from The Ramones to The Raincoats. There are times when the drums and bass get into a low thunder rolling groove, and hang out low until the guitars cut in. Against all the roughness there’s also a sense of sweetness, an understanding that flows instead of an attitude, and that’s pretty punk.

Top Quality Rock n’ Roll, PO Box 1110, Southgate, MI, 48195;

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