The Moto-Litas

The Moto-Litas

For the Greater Good


I almost hate to lump The Moto-Litas into garage rock. The term is so often applied to sloppy, out of control bands with a serious lack of structure and discipline. That is not the case with these girls from Atlanta, GA. They may have based their sound on garage and surf bands, but they haven’t forgotten that songs need structure, too. On their first Daemon Records release, For the Greater Good, The Moto-Litas have nine finely crafted rock and roll songs. They feature a heavy two-guitar sound laced with intricate harmonies. The disc only hints at how loud and rocking their live show is. The lyrics and melodies are easier to hear and appreciate on the CD, but the live show is far more fun. Do yourself a favor — buy their record and go see them play live.,

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