Chemistry is What We Are


From the first chord you know they’re from London. Adding things like creaky chair sounds, a vacuum cleaner, squeaky shoes, and music box-like background sound also lets you know that this is going to be like nothing else you’ve ever encountered. Their first single off of Chemistry is What We Are, “The Wisp,” sounds like something Perry Farrell would be hellishly jealous of, and their upcoming second single, “One Dimension,” has a hometown Fourth of July parade feel, with the huge drum sounds and frothy, crawling, Beatles sounding vocals. The very simplistic and modern “You Set Off My Brain” and funky “Mr. Crow” file this disc into a neat little point of undefined noise. This CD is what you get the person you know who has a big enough personal music collection to open a small store. A little odd at times, off the wall and wacky, but inventive, and doesn’t that deserve major kudos? Also includes two US-only bonus tracks.

Astralwerks, 104 West 29th St., New York, NY 10001;,

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