The Minklungs

The Minklungs

The Better Button

Arena Rock Recording Co

A careening, rollicking wide over a wide terrain of musical styles although never straying far from the map of indie-rock land, this is an intriguing and eclectic collection of songs. The album opens up with the fuzzed up and raw “I Sell Love,” which sounds like they’re channeling the spirit of classic Jesus and Mary Chain and early Guided By Voices. The band shifts gears and then heads into “Silent Sex,” a track allegedly about sex in outer space. “Watch Yourself,” a more relaxed number that closes with the most pretentious and sterile kiss off left on one of the band members’ answering machine by a romantic interest. However, when the band opens up on “Think Of Me,” the various musical styles coalesce into pop music heaven. A song that strips away the feedback and uses strumming guitars to set the mood and hearkens back to Sebadoh at their most affecting.

An interesting and eclectic collection of songs and tracks with each member bringing unique ideas and sounds bouncing off each other that leaves the listener wondering what the next track will bring.

Arena Rock Recording Co., 68 Greenpoint Ave., 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11222;

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