do you like me, check yes or no

do you like me, check yes or no

I really thought things would improve once I hit college. I thought that people would be more mature….. I thought a lot of things.

rudiegirl3: yo

Socksoup: hidily ho

rudiegirl3: how’s it going

Socksoup: ya know
Socksoup: yea

rudiegirl3: this is the part where you ask how i am.

Socksoup: how are u?

rudiegirl3: i’m great, thanks for asking

Socksoup: no prob
Socksoup: how ws shopping?
Socksoup: *was
Socksoup: sorry i messed up

rudiegirl3: it was fun, we went to the health food store then chris asked if i wanted to go to a movie, he had a free pass for a sneak preview of mulholland rd

rudiegirl3: it was sooooooo weird
rudiegirl3: it f’ed me up

Socksoup: whats that about?

rudiegirl3: i dont even know
rudiegirl3: it’s just weird

Socksoup: hm
Socksoup: you saw it correct?

rudiegirl3: yup
rudiegirl3: it’s very weird
rudiegirl3: no plot

Socksoup: no plot

rudiegirl3: just a bunch of random events

Socksoup: taken place where

rudiegirl3: hollywood

Socksoup: hm
Socksoup: i dont think ive ever seen any previews or anything for it

rudiegirl3: me neither
rudiegirl3: i had no idea what it was going into it

Socksoup: yikes
Socksoup: im scared
Socksoup: are you ok now?

rudiegirl3: from the movie? Yeah i’m fine chris and me listened to the aquabats and ate vegan ice cream =) it was sooo good

Socksoup: hmmm
Socksoup: well then
Socksoup: sounds like a date to me

rudiegirl3: yes
rudiegirl3: yes it was

Socksoup: 🙁
Socksoup: hm
Socksoup: sooo what are you doing now?

rudiegirl3: just chatting
rudiegirl3: i probably should go to sleep
rudiegirl3: but whatever

Socksoup: hm
Socksoup: well
Socksoup: what time do you have class tomorow?

rudiegirl3: 9:25

Socksoup: hm

rudiegirl3: hm indeed!
rudiegirl3: thursdays are cool

Socksoup: yee ha?
Socksoup: not for me

rudiegirl3: cause i have the whole afternoon off

Socksoup: they are sad
Socksoup: i have all day taken up
Socksoup: its very tiring
Socksoup: and sad
Socksoup: i feel like poopie afterwards

rudiegirl3: i’m sorry
rudiegirl3: fridays are kinda like that for me
rudiegirl3: and saturdays

Socksoup: hm
Socksoup: yea yea
Socksoup: so who are ya talkin to

rudiegirl3: this guy nyr from back home who moved away who i havent talked to for a year, cliff from back home, chris, and you
rudiegirl3: and i’m looking for vegan recipes
rudiegirl3: how bout you?

Socksoup: just you

rudiegirl3: man i want another sandwich

Socksoup: me too
Socksoup: i hardly eat
Socksoup: it makes me hungry
Socksoup: and sad

rudiegirl3: yeah me too
rudiegirl3: i wish i could cook
rudiegirl3: i think of all the good stuff i could be making

Socksoup: i think you would be a happier person
Socksoup: ‘if you could cook

rudiegirl3: definitely
rudiegirl3: i wouldnt whine about the cafeteria so much

Socksoup: and therefore i would be happier
Socksoup: not beacuse of the whining part
Socksoup: just because you would be happier
Socksoup: thats why i would be happier

rudiegirl3: i see
rudiegirl3: mmmm tofu sandwich

Socksoup: yikes
Socksoup: mmm love to scratch em
Socksoup: liiiizzzzaaaa
Socksoup: wheeerrreee are you?

rudiegirl3: i’m here

rudiegirl3: calm down

Socksoup: ok im sorry
Socksoup: do you like me
Socksoup: check yes or no
Socksoup: O yes , O no

rudiegirl3: but i’m on the computer!

Socksoup: Ø use that
Socksoup: like
Socksoup: O yes, Ø no

rudiegirl3: i think you want me to say no

Socksoup: i think
Socksoup: that you dont want to break up with me
Socksoup: but you dont really really like me
Socksoup: or maybe you are jus busy

rudiegirl3: this sucks adam, i thought we cleared everything up the other night, why are you being so difficult, i cant take this anymore
rudiegirl3: you’re even jealous of my gay friend
rudiegirl3: it’s ridiculous

Socksoup: no
Socksoup: it just seems like you were happier before
Socksoup: and now you dont seem as happy

rudiegirl3: because you never bugged me if i liked you or not
rudiegirl3: and you would call or IM or treat me like your girlfriend or something

Socksoup: i do call and i do im me
Socksoup: you
Socksoup: and you
Socksoup: get mad at me

rudiegirl3: you didnt im me tonihgt

Socksoup: because i wasnt at my computer
Socksoup: i just leave it on
Socksoup: and then i notice its on later
Socksoup: thats why you were getting mad at me for not asking you how you were
Socksoup: because i wasnt really there
Socksoup: and of course you jump to the conclusion that i don want to talk to you
Socksoup: even though i call and leave messages
Socksoup: and you arent ever there
Socksoup: but i spend every time that i can with you
Socksoup: but whatever

rudiegirl3: so you ask me if i like you all the bloody time

Socksoup: i dont think i should ask you
Socksoup: but thats probably just me
Socksoup: you are right
Socksoup: im just a fucking idiot

rudiegirl3: i never said that

Socksoup: and im sorry
Socksoup: but whatever
Socksoup: anyway you cant take it anymore

rudiegirl3: is that a question or a statement

Socksoup: that is what you said earlier

rudiegirl3: yeah

Socksoup: you cant take it anymore
Socksoup: are you done then?

rudiegirl3: adam since you keep asking me so much i think you want me to say it’s done

Socksoup: no

rudiegirl3: so ok, fine, go ahead, tell everyone i dumped you

Socksoup: no fucking way

rudiegirl3: tell them how evil and heartless i am and how you’re a poor little innocent

Socksoup: what the fuck is wrong with you?
Socksoup: will you please stop

rudiegirl3: please dont use words like that with me

Socksoup: how can i not?
Socksoup: what do you want me to say?
Socksoup: should i be happy?

rudiegirl3: no but you dont have to curse

Socksoup: well i have the right

rudiegirl3: well i asked you to please not
rudiegirl3: cause i dont do it to you

Socksoup: why are you going to do that
Socksoup: am i that annoying?
Socksoup: because i want you to pay attention to me sometimes?

rudiegirl3: no! i was paying attention to you today and you fell asleep! it’s annoying because you can’t let me even hang out with anyone else without thinking that i’m ignoring you

Socksoup: ok
Socksoup: i told you i was tired

rudiegirl3: chris is my friend, he’s been my friend for a really long time and i really value him

Socksoup: i said it repeatedly
Socksoup: ok thats fine
Socksoup: i dont care
Socksoup: you act like its only chris
Socksoup: but its not

rudiegirl3: who else is it then

Socksoup: i dont care what you do with chris
Socksoup: you are always gone
Socksoup: beacuse frankly im really boring
Socksoup: and i cant live up to your standards of fun
Socksoup: why is it that you really want to break up with me?
Socksoup: will you tell me that?

rudiegirl3: i never even said that i did~!!!!
rudiegirl3: you went all jumping to crazy conclusions

Socksoup: you said you were breaking up with me

rudiegirl3: when?

Socksoup: rudiegirl3: so ok, fine, go ahead, tell everyone i dumped you
Socksoup: rudiegirl3: tell them how evil and heartless i am and how you’re a poor little innocent
Socksoup: what was that?

rudiegirl3: cause i think you want me to dump you
rudiegirl3: so i said that
rudiegirl3: i thought it’d make you feel better

Socksoup: how would that make me feel better

rudiegirl3: if that’s what you wanted to hear

Socksoup: you think thats what i wanted to hear?

rudiegirl3: it seems like it.

Socksoup: i just dont think that you really like me
Socksoup: but then i guess i think that
Socksoup: because im really annoying
Socksoup: and i piss you off all the time
Socksoup: which makes you give the appearance of disgust towards me
Socksoup: so im sorry
Socksoup: and i understand you need a break from me
Socksoup: most of the time

rudiegirl3: i’m sorry if i’ve caused you any heartache

Socksoup: because you cant take my crap
Socksoup: well you have, but you dont have to make it permanent

rudiegirl3: you probably can’t take mine, i’m guessing, i feel a lot of hostility

Socksoup: well i dont like getting dumped
Socksoup: its not a pleasant thing for me
Socksoup: are you there anymore?

rudiegirl3: i’m here

Socksoup: ok
Socksoup: im sorry
Socksoup: ill go now

rudiegirl3: no no we’ll talk all you want

Socksoup: .. ok
Socksoup: so how are you

rudiegirl3: i’ve been better
rudiegirl3: you?

Socksoup: bad
Socksoup: so will you put up with me some more?

rudiegirl3: i dont know adam this happens way too much for people who’ve only known each other a month

Socksoup: what
Socksoup: its happened twice
Socksoup: and thats within the past two days or whatever
Socksoup: thats not bad

rudiegirl3: ok i’m off for now

Socksoup: what?
Socksoup: you are leaving?

rudiegirl3: never mind brb
rudiegirl3: hold on
rudiegirl3: i gotta go
rudiegirl3: i’m sorry
rudiegirl3: i need to get out of this rom
rudiegirl3: room

Socksoup: oh
Socksoup: k
Socksoup: so you dont want to talk

rudiegirl3: i’m talked to death

Socksoup: ok
Socksoup: im sorry

rudiegirl3: goodnight

Socksoup: good bye
Socksoup: dont break up with me

rudiegirl3: stop making me feel guilty and like this is all me

Socksoup: what?

rudiegirl3: you have a girlfriend back home anyways
rudiegirl3: goodnight

Socksoup: why do you say that?

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