Rah Bras

Rah Bras

Ruy Blas


Like The B-52’s performing Orff’s Carmina Burana or a retro new wave partry gone suddenly Satanic, The Rah Bras provide a feeling of simultaneous chirpiness and unease. With driving and often convoluted beats, and a penchant for woozy analog keyboard riffs and the occasional angelic vocals of the buxom Isabellarah Rubella, The Rah Bras are a wicked carnival, smelling faintly of sin and corruption beneath the bright colors and antiseptic. “Gently Jeanrah” sounds like a remake of a traditional offering, while “Fungry” is alternately fun and hungry, with a “hoo-hah” chorus and a space-age verse that seem to conflict (and often) in the scant space of its minute and a half. It’s hard to imagine how a trio (Boo Rah and Jean Rah, along with the aforementioned Isabellarah) can make such an unholy racket with only drums, bass, and keyboard. The Rah Bras once again carve deeper into their musical niche, generating something unheard of but quite compelling. Fans of Brainiac and The World Inferno Friendship Society take heed.

Lovitt Records: http://www.lovitt.com • Rah Bras: http://www.rahbras.com

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