Bad Wizard

Bad Wizard

Free And Easy

Tee Pee

If you’re in New York City and you have a chance to see this amazing band, don’t pass it up. My first experience, more than a year ago, paid off big time, as I became aware of the best kept secret in rock and roll. Bad Wizard plays hard and heavy guitar-based power rock. I remember it well… I was at the Continental for a Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath tribute band) show, and Bad Wizard was on the bill. The frontman, a tall fellow with a lot of frizzy hair and a scruffy beard, was talking to folks at the bar. He asks me if I liked the band Humble Pie. Before I revealed that I could but describe an album cover of theirs, and knew no songs, one of the people with me shouted out, “Steve Marriott rocks, yeah!” I sheepishly returned to my drink, but I looked “cool” in the eyes of the band, I guess. Not that it mattered, because Bad Wizard is the rock and roll equivalent of tens reps of a 315-lb bench press. On this excellent debut album they blast out nine songs, all of them keepers. Long Live Rock and Roll, man!

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