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The Goblins

Missing Fits

My Pal God

Oookay… Someone is going to get sued, and I’m just the messenger. I’ll caveat this by saying that The Misfits – all of them – sort of deserve what The Goblins have done to them, but, whoa, I sure hope they’re on friendly terms or someone’s due for at least a black eye or two. According to the liner notes, a second-rate punk band from Chicago, The Goblins (I liked their last album, A New Millennium, mind you) found an old prop, a coffin, dating from the early days of The Misfits. Inside said coffin were several hitherto unrecorded songs. Missing Fits is a bona fide attempt by the Goblins to record these songs as true to what The Misfits sounded like back in the day. Every song, just about, has the chanting, the speed, the muscle, etc. Frankly, I am surprised that none of these songs ever surfaced before… You want the truth? This is a most hilarious parody of The Misfits, everything to do with The Misfits, The Misfits’ fanatic fans (er, “fiends”), and the world surrounding the band. Nothing is spared and clearly nothing is sacred, from album covers to past band members (1970s era and 1990s era) to make up, props, and a fixation with “horror business.” Could Glenn Danzig really write a song called “Who Killed Agnes Moorehead?”? How about “Pellet,” a song about the assassination of William McKinley? Henh, maybe… I must emphasize that the songs are only half the story. The album liner contains what are supposed to be seven-inch covers for the aforementioned songs as well as others (like “Necklace Of Brains” and “Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein”). Then there’s the comics in the back that will get The Goblins in a fistfight with Glenn Danzig if he doesn’t get the joke… And finally, there’s the liner notes: I warn you, this is elegant satire, and if you still don’t see the folly in the hyperfanaticism regarding this band you are engaged in, you will be offended as it is YOU The Goblins are making fun of. Misfits fans who’ve “grown up” will probably be in hysterics for several weeks… My hope is that everyone will seek out and purchase this album, it’ll turn you all on your heads and maybe force some sanity into the current Misfits’ mess as the fans will take a good, long look at themselves.

My Pal God Records, 47 Hardy Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540;,

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