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Nectarine No. 9

Received, Transgressed and Transmitted

Beggars Banquet

Okay, there are two things I absolutely hate in an album. One is cryptic fucking song titles. Enough already, if you think opening a dictionary at random is the equivalent of art I’ve got a news flash: it ain’t. It’s called being lazy. Second, there should be no cartoons in an album sleeve. Unless you’re a metal band and have severed heads or otherwise some graphic debauchery, NEVER put CUTESY cartoons in an album. Got it? Good.

Okay, Nectarine No. 9 has not violated rule number two. Rule number one, that’s another story. Luckily, the music is a nice distraction from such events. Musically, they mix early seventies glam rock elements and some post-rock vibe to create a musical alchemy that is interesting and pleasing. For example, the third track, “Constellations of a Vanity,” sounds a bit like Stereolab after listening to too much calypso music and having David Bowie substituting on vocals. Not bad. Although, I am not an altogether big fan of bands like Spiritualized and Mogwai, for those that are, this may be another band to add to your collection.

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