Alpha Conspiracy Vs. Low Technicians

Alpha Conspiracy Vs. Low Technicians

Forward Rewinding


This is an interesting little slab o’ music, to say the least. After the first listen of this one (four songs by each band), I was left with the annoying aftertaste of Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses. Tons of keyboards and drum machines here, enough to make the head spin… but upon further review, I actually started to see some merit in this album.

I prefer very much the songs of The Alpha Conspiracy; they come off much less contrived and pretentious than Low Technicians’ songs. Other than their haughty manner of making music, though, I can’t really object much to their material either! Both bands play techno-pop in the vein of mid-late ’80s Depeche Mode, with a twist of Homogenic-era Bjork; the music doesn’t sound as dated as that material, but the overall feel is the same. Many of today’s techno bands pump up the B.P.M. to dizzying speeds, and I find that terribly distracting. Both The Alpha Conspiracy and Low Technicians offer up their techno in a relaxed, somewhat laid back manner… very comfortable music.

This CD would work well on a dinner date at your home; the music is pretty sultry and sexy feeling, so it might help in your quest to enter the pantalones of your mate! I can see much of this record being ideal for a party or rave; it’s just not hard or pounding enough.

Fans of techno in general will appreciate this CD. I’m not all that big a fan of techno, but this CD varies enough to keep me interested.

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