Chris Colbourn / Hilken Mancini

Chris Colbourn / Hilken Mancini

Super Heroes of Rock Team Up #3

Vital Cog

This has got to be the soundtrack to something. A new NBC sitcom, maybe, or Hollywood’s latest romantic comedy. Side A features Chris Colburn of Buffalo Tom singing “Bad Little Bird,” which may or may not be as schmaltzy as The Red House Painters tribute to frontman Mark Kozelek’s cat. It depends how deep the metaphor goes. But how many seductresses do you know with rain on their back and a mouthful of worms?

More metaphor on the flipside with “Wedding Cake,” sung by Hilken Mancini of Fuzzy, and this is the one that takes the cake (bad pun intended) as far as sitcom theme songs. It’s practically begging to find its way into an Ally McBeal episode.

This is not an essential seven-inch unless you’re a collector of the Super Heroes of Rock Team Up series. On the other hand, it’s an amusing one-off pop record that deserves a few spins on your local college radio.

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