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Tommy Boy

So few bands ever get a chance to make it that it’s hard to believe that an underground act would break up when their success was leading them into the mainstream. In the late ’80s, freestyle was emerging from the Latino dance community and scoring hits with girl groups Cover Girls and Sweet Sensation. TKA was freestyle’s boy band, and, after years of club hits, they finally cracked the pop charts with “Maria” in 1992. Then, to pursue solo projects, the band broke up – never to be heard from again.

Until now. And, well, there’s something to be said for striking while the iron’s hot. Because, after almost 10 years away from the smelter, the iron’s not only cold, but has been used up, recycled, and alloyed into OJ’s hip replacement – never to see the dance floor again. Instead of using the time off to forge a unique artistic vision and sound that would devastate listeners and boy bands alike, TKA seems to be looking for a Britney Spearsesque paycheck. But even today’s corporate dance music sometimes has glimpses of originality. Not here. TKA Forever sounds like it was pieced together from Backstreet Boys leftovers or Jessica Simpson bloopers. Mainly simply disposable, the CD does hit a Rick Astley-like low with “In A Manner” that makes one’s colon quiver. There is absolutely no reason to buy this CD nor really give it a listen. If boy bands are what you like (and I really, really, really hate saying this), you’d be much better served by NSYNC.

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