Goldie – A Drum n’ Bass DJ Mix


After his stints in films like the hilarious Snatch, I wondered whether Goldie would trade his jewels and jungle stylings for the silver screen. But alas, I realized I jumped the gun as soon as I saw this record pop up in my mailbox. Relieving himself of production duties for the meantime, the gold one returns to his infamous DJ roots, armed with the same B-boy posturing and trademark dark d n’ b that has made him and his Metalheadz crew the icons of this genre.

Besides, it still must be a trip to mix your friends’ records and have it distributed worldwide. A bit more akin to Panacea’s later tech-step work, with and Ed Rush/Optical-fused sound, brings us up to speed on what he and his cohorts have been up to in recent years, which is practically the same shit as before. Rufige Kru, Digital and Doc Scott all leave their dub-washed, cyber-inflected imprints for Goldie to solder into one refined set. A traditional release with really nothing new to say, is still fun for those like me who get nostalgic from time to time. But kudos can be given to the capped-tooth one for stretching into filmwork as well as continuing music. Besides, if J-Lo and LL Cool J can do it, why can’t he?


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