Jeffrey Halford and the Healers

Jeffrey Halford and the Healers



I don’t like to do this, but I have to slam. Jeffrey Halford has been called the new Bob Dylan; judging from this album, that is an insult to Dylan.

Hunkpapa, the newest album from this singer/songwriter, is a tired attempt at blues rock. While the writing is good, this album is nothing to remember, solely because it sounds like most other blues and roots rock. Halford is celebrated and he does clearly have a lot of talent that shines on this record; it’s just too slow and holds back where it should let go. That, to me, is a mortal sin.

However, there a couple of bright spots in this disc, namely “Oh, Susanna,” with its rather constant rhythm, which is welcome from the bogged down feeling of the other songs. My biggest disappointment is with the song “.44”; the anti-gun message and story couldn’t be better, but the execution is way off the mark. So to speak…

Jeffrey Halford:

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