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Lotus Lounge

Vol. 2

Bar None

In recent years, the electronica global village has exploded into a thriving metropolis. With the expansion and lowering prices of technology, everybody who’s ever had the desire to become a DJ is doing so, and no Chinese Exclusion Act is going to curb citizenship. This second volume of Lotus Lounge celebrates the electronic music that’s coming out from the less celebrated corners of the world. This disc skips around the globe from Argentina and Switzerland to Israel (where it spends most of its time) for an enjoyable mix.

This is truly a Hydra-like adventure with ambient and lounge and world and dance music all popping up their heads. Angel Tears’ Middle Eastern ambient tribal jam, “Inshalla (Ya Salam),” is the jewel in this crown. However, the nu-jazzy “Global” from The EQs will move you. Sismik Napkin Adventures’ “Faith” is just plain funky, and Cineplexx’s “Facil” is a smooth, melodic electro-pop ballad that will move you. There are a few songs by the likes of Access Denied, Zino and Tommy, and No Man that trespass a little too deeply into New Age territory for my liking, but overall, this is a disc worth the price of a tourist visa.

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