YES! This is just how I like my metal: brutal, punishing, heavy, fast, and completely destructive! Whew! This record is an instant bowel liquidator, and I have the trails down my legs to prove it!

Lifesblood is only a five-song EP, but man oh man, it’s SOOOOO worth the low price tag it has! Mastodon seem much more complex on this record, yet they’re still as heavy as ever. Parts of this record remind me of Coalesce’s last studio record, mainly the bizarre guitars lines and overly complex metal riffing crossed with elements of melodic hardcore. “We Built This Come Death” showcases the band’s superb musical talent, in terms of their ability to make metal which can only be understood with a calculator in hand. “Hail To Fire” shows the pure, unadulterated agression of Mastodon by taking us through a heavy, sped up stomp with furious drumming, and high end guitar melodies which play off of brutal riffing… imagine a less sloppy Usurp Synapse, without the screechy, annoying vocals.

The thing which makes me happy about this record is the cleanliness of each song. All of the musicians are so technically skilled that there isn’t an ounce of sloppiness to be found anywhere! The vocals, mainly low growls to ocassional screams, are so excellently done that it makes you want to get out of your seat and jump for the joy that Mastodon brings you!

What else can be said? If you’re metal, you’ll dig the hell out of this. If you’re crusty, don’t pay the poll tax, but do pay for this record and rock out. If you like your hardcore complex as hell (a la Refused), you HAVE to get this! AHHHHHHHHHH! This record RULES! I’m going to take a cold shower now.

Relapse Records:

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