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Bill Laswell

Points Of Order


My love for the genius that is Bill Laswell is unyielding, even when he messes with my head like on Imaginary Cuba, which was so minimalist and abstract it was about as reminiscent of the Cuban sound as a Yakov Smirnov punchline. But, as a producer, Laswell is like Don Cheadle or Gene Hackman, Robert Duval or Morgan Freeman – his participation makes the project all the better. As an artist, he has an uncanny way of making the familiar exotic and the exotic so good that it will soon become familiar.

Well, he’s at it again, exploring that dub-jazz genre he’s been trying to create for years now. A nice, smooth, introspective sound, Laswell explores the funky side of melancholia. With guest appearances from Anti-Pop Consortium, Toshinori Kondo, Graham Haynes, Karsh Kale, Karl Berger, and Buckethead, Points Of Order delivers a delicious groove that is unmistakably Laswell and empirically good. This is a chill-out album with cerebral textures and deep, rich colors. APC adds yet another, hard-edged flavor to Laswell’s music with their crisp rhymes on “Staple Nex” and “Broken Toenail Gland” (“my large intestine is a breakbeat”). Laswell fans will definitely not be disappointed, and those unfamiliar with him will soon come to understand why he’s one of the most sought-after and prolific artist/producers out there today.


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