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Morning Star


Entombed may be the world’s only death boogie-band. Or swing trash-act. Or grind-rompers. Whatever you choose to call it, they are purveyors of their own unique brand of heavy metal, one that performs the lines “Phosphoros/Lucifer/Stand up!/In praise of the morning star” as if it’s just another lively night down at the local trash metal square-dance club. More Kiss than Mayhem, yet more Testament than W.A.S.P., they fall between all stools and come up looking all the better for it. After a couple of albums of more straightforward death grind, they are back with their best release in years, sounding as vicious and hungry as ever before. And, although the praises directed at Mr. Morning Star, Satan himself, may be a bit much at times, what matters is the grin the music stamps all over your face. Released during the month that saw Kerrang! overtake NME’s reign as the world’s biggest music weekly, this is a welcome return to form by one of the last decade’s finest metal acts.

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