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We have come to associate Ohio, rather rudely, with bad drivers, but no one would ever expect a group like Mushroomhead to evolve from essential Middle America. In the nicest places live the most unobvious evils. Type O Negative-like vocals with unforgiving guitars that sound almost artificial they’re played with such assurance, Mushroomhead’s debut album XX has been referred to as a “waking dream.” While that’s going a little too far, they absolutely have a corner on the market. We all know that what the world needs is another heavy metal band in war masks singing about “whores,” but unlike most of the other unmentionable face-hiders out there, Mushroomhead claim that they initiated the idea of outrageous facial costumes, they started their own label in 1995 (Filthy Hands) and are currently racking up the points for their latest of six previous releases. Not bad for what started out as an indie side project. Don’t skip by the first single, “Solitaire Unraveling,” the Pink Floyd cover “Empty Spaces,” and “43.” The first five discs were just warm ups, this is the real thing.

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