The Herbaliser

The Herbaliser

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ninja Tune

South London’s dynamic duo, Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry, are back, and The Herbaliser is flying high once again. Just as before, they marry their love of Old School hip-hop and fusion funk to create an entertaining disc that definitely deserves praise — though that praise should be fairly even. This, their fourth LP, kicks it off with the title track, which is a kitschy Burt Bacharach take on trip-hop with the over-the-top schmaltz of Seaming To. Then, we’re quickly jostled over the rough and rugged terrain of hip-hop with Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples fame) and Blade. They’ve assembled some really good rhymers here, utilizing the skills of MF Doom, Phi Life Cypher, and Wildflower (a British MC who can actually rap?!). Then comes that funk/jazz sound that will never grow old. “Unsungsong” is total Curtis Mayfield seduction — strings and all. “Mr. Holmes” sprays an afro-puffed pheromone musk all over the disc. And “24 Carat Blag” is a high-speed Starsky and Hutch car chase scene waiting for a Hollywood remake of the “classic” TV show. Though I’ll save my exclamations for another review, Something Wicked This Way Comes is a very enjoyable album that deserves multiple listens, and you’d be doing yourself a service by doing just that.

Ninja Tune:

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