Very Metal

Very Metal

Hit And Run

Beer City

Proof if needed that attitude alone doesn’t make great music. Trashy enough to entertain the kids in the pit, I’m sure, but essentially this is nothing but a boring rip-off of amazing originals like The Exploited and GBH. Not only does their broad stance seem like a cheap pose, they’re also totally missing out on the spirit of punk by constantly advertising misdirected hate and stupid volatility in their lyrics. I tried to read the lyrics as some pissed off reaction against the establishment in some form of other, and I tried to read them as coming from some angry, pissed off kid finally standing up for himself, but what it amounts to, really, is that those guys are — or at best, pretend to be — misanthropes out on a killing spree against everyone and no one in particular. Just plain dumb without redeeming qualities, then, and not worthy of your attention.

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