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Listen to the Night


This is what happens when you wedge the door to the time machine open. Here we are in the ’00s, and Team USA recall the ’50s via the ’70s, like the foursome was born and bred under Buddy Holly, Grease, Happy Days, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Lyrics are often chock-full of whole milk teen angst, the sort of innocent raging naiveté that is about as far from the Truth Kids’ post-modern cynicism as you’ll get. These are songs about “Skinny Dippin’” – “show me where to put my hands/I have loved you for so long” – and about things that are “Totally Awesome.” You get the feeling that they’re going to be releasing the prom balloons at the end of “What Could Be Wrong?,” a slow-burning number where male and female vocals intertwine around a lazy bass and catchy-as-cookie-crumbs chorus.

Yes, maybe this is fairly clean, but it’s about as wholesome as raging teen hormones. The music and lyrics may seem relatively tame in this era of Eminem and what-have-you, but Team USA rock out, far out, straight from the heart. A dozen pop gems await your discovery.

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