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Trance-Fixed V2.0


It might just be the experience I’ve had indulging in beat-driven music over the years, but an effort like Trance-Fixed, part deux, is like an angst-ridden kid brother who used to listen to Limp Bizkit five minutes ago and now prefers his rage to spill on the dancefloor.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a place and time for this highly audible, straight-beat thump, but for me, that honestly was five years ago, in a friend’s house, under the control of substances, marveling at a painting on his wall for three hours. DJ Session One forsakes the actual melodies which should coincide with the beat, opting for a menacing juggernaut of trance music that forces you to listen rather than sending you to bliss. Maybe I’m just (gasp!) maturing with my tastes, but I can now only savor this flavor following two espresso shots.

The elements and potential are there, especially on SMP’s rewiring of “Insane Asylum” by Thomas Trouble. But there is a little something called soul, which is dearly lacking. Session One will appease some, especially for the rivetheads who like their dance music laced with industrial strength speed without really being considered gabber. It might the phase I’m in at the moment, but I’ll have to pass on this fix for now.

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