Ely Guerra

Ely Guerra


OmTown / Higher Octave

Ever since OmTown/Higher Octave struck platinum with Les Nubians, the label has been scouring the Earth for that ultra-hipster electro-world sound. And they have scored massive successes with Sergent Garcia and Grand Tourism. They’re about to have another huge hit on their hands with this cool, sleek songstress from Mexico.

Lotofire is Ely Guerra’s third album, but her first American release. And I can’t help wondering if a secret like this can be kept for so long beneath the border, what good can NAFTA really be? Guerra has a sweet, soulful voice that fills her songs with beauty — very reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan. Sometimes it seems a little incongruous with the more hard-rocking tunes like “De La Calle” and “Abusar.” But her voice seems to soar throughout most of the disc, a perfect fit for her more pop/R&B-oriented ballads. “Yo No,” a silky acid-jazz ballad, and “Vete,” a trip-hoppy sort of Portishead Lite groove that turns into a swirling dervish jam, are perfect examples of the pure, erotic power of her voice.

Guerra’s is a name to look out for, and Lotofire is definitely an album to purchase and hold on to for dear life.

Higher Octave Records: http://www.higheroctave.com

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