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Punk 2001


Man, this is one solid compilation. First, Fastmusic score The Circle Jerks and Down By Law, and feature good songs by both (why is it when big bands appear on comps very often their crappiest songs are featured?). Next, one of my own personal faves, Luckie Strike, out of Sacramento, is here. And lastly, for those in my neck of the woods (Southeast USA), there are a batch of bands representing: Florida’s Agent Felix and Unsung Zeros, and Georgia’s Nuclear Saturday and Sloppy Meateaters (the latter thankfully seem to be outgrowing some youthful, umm, stupidity exhibited on earlier releases’ lyrics).

26 new school (excepting the Jerks, of course) straight-ahead rocking pop-punk songs, by as many groups. This, kids, is value for dollar. My delete-o-meter is usually set at about 33%-50% for most comps, but I can listen to this one all the way through! Yay.


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