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Seattle native Jason Bazinet isn’t the likeliest candidate for spearheading the new industrial evolution, but his music and roots might say otherwise. As the figurehead of SMP, Bazinet has almost pulled off the daunting task of integrating hip-hop, electro, and industrial, something that hasn’t been accomplished successfully since Jack Dangers stormed the studio with Meat Beat over a decade ago.

Although this remix collection isn’t a true reflection of SMP’s capabilities, it indicates nonetheless why the artist isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Metropolis or Invisible band. Elements of house, dub, noise, funk, and scathing percussion all rise to the surface on this sixteen-track collection. These many, somewhat obscure acts give SMP’s music a proper retooling. Both Urania and Stomkern’s mix of “September” are prime examples of unifying opposite ideals, giving Bazinet’s 3rd Bass-like rhymes a gothic backdrop, while the latter is nothing short of Miami bass amplified.

Sure, some obligatory generic industrial rears its withered head, but overall, true creativity presents itself, and SMP’s chosen wisely with its talented manipulators, giving us a cornucopia of genres to dine from. Imagine The Beastie Boys or Ice Cube butting heads with Techno Animal, while Frontline Assembly mediates and you have the digital extravaganza that is Hacked. But there’s nothing like the real thing, so might I suggest you check out the original versions first.


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