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Marumari is obsessed with the same erratic ambience, gorgeous swells, and space-noisefuckery that torments the brain stems of groups like Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada. But the laptop architect, born Josh Presseisen, injects ‘em with funky, accessible, downtempo grooves making them danceable, introverted think music. Gathering a series of high-profile fans (well, as “high-profile” as the world of IDM allows), Marumari undergoes the remix treatment on The Remixes, a collection so damn insular that it doesn’t even bother to tell you the names of the songs that are being eviscerated.

The game plan is simple: Electric Company (genre-hopping pseudonym of Medicine’s Brad Laner) turns some Marimari song into pillows of glitchy fluff, ambient Texan L’Usine turns some Marumari song into pillows of glitchy fluff, and Milwaukee’s beat-heavy Casino Vs. Japan turns some Marumari song into thicker pillows of glitchy fluff.

Things pick up about halfway through as Colongib turns some Marumari song into a jittery ball-bearing bouncing inside a metal box over a stuttery groove. Robert Lippok (of arty electronica-inflected post-rockers To Rococo Rot) gets downright synth-funky, turning some Marumari song into a minimalist Krautrock-via-New-Wave dance groove. And Octopus Inc. turn some Marumari song into a snappy hip-hop groove that morphs into honking minimalist industrial-lite, leaving Marumari’s ambient hum intact.

Includes two videos that are hard to sit through.

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