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David Lynch

Music Reviews

Crazy Clown Time (Sunday Best Recordings/PIAS America). Review by James Mann.

Steal This Music

Print Reviews

In light of the recent charges levied against Jammie Thomas-Rasset in the RIAA’s case against her, we’ve unearthed this review on Steal This Music, a book concerning the history of copyright in music.

Lucky Dragons


In an era of technological power in the hands of the masses, Lucky Dragons stands as a vivid testament to the power of people. Penny Duff asks Dragon Luke Fischbeck how?

Girl Talk


Pop-collagist/Party-Starter Girl Talk (a.k.a. Gregg Gillis ) talks to Omar de la Rosa about sampling, doing remixes versus Girl Talk originals, the like-minded performance stylings of tourmate Dan Deacon, and Gregg’s favorite mixed drink.

Fair To Midland


Fair To Midland are blessed, and cursed, with the title “the first band to be signed to Serj Tankian’s label.” Jen Cray sat down with vocalist Darroh Sudderth and keyboardist Matt Langley outside of Orlando’s House of Blues just before the second night of their first ever major tour.


Music Reviews

Error (Epitaph). Review by Addam Donnelly.

Team Shadetek

Music Reviews

Manhattan,Graffiti,Hip-hop,Techno,Lanolin Limes,Team Shadetek,Burnerism,Warp,Stein Haukland

Director’s Series DVDs

Screen Reviews

This trilogy of music videos collections purports to gather together some of the more visually arresting work from music video directors Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham. Joe Clay asks, “But is it art?”

Johnny Marr


“Melodic with a touch of groove and an anemic, very white approach to the vocals, but still soulful.” Gail Worley talks to Johnny Marr, currently of The Healers and formerly of the Smiths, and manages to keep it together. Mostly.

Salvo Beta

Music Reviews

Evil Against Evil: The Kids in the Neighborhood Grab Their Bats and Remix Abrasive Stuttering (Some Odd Pilot). Review by Carl Glaser.

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Garage Sale Vinyl: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Garage Sale Vinyl: The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Garage Sale Vinyl

Rifling through a boxful of ravaged old records, Christopher Long locates a flea market LP copy of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils Don’t Look Down — for a quarter — and speaks with the band’s co-founding bassist, Michael “Supe” Granda, about his amazing discovery.

Henry V

Henry V

Archikulture Digest

Blood, guts, and kicking butt in France — it’s the age-old story of Shakespeare. Carl F. Gauze once again enjoys the salacious violence and complicated plot points of Henry V, in the moody dark of Orlando Shakes.