Two Thirty Eight

Two Thirty Eight

Regulate The Chemicals

Tooth & Nail

I don’t really know much about these guys, but they have an interesting sound about them; imagine the vocal stylings of Geoff Farina from Karate, the warm guitar tone of Karate, the vast variation of song styles of Radiohead’s OK Computer, melodic hints of Cap’n Jazz, incredible record production, and the occasional math rock sensibilities of Lousville’s Elliot… you have now concocted Two Thirty Eight.

No kidding around here, Regulate The Chemicals is really great melodic emocore, done in a late-1990s fashion. As you emo kids out there know, the purveyors of the current wave of emo, The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring, have just recently released records that shun the emo genre; this is fine, I guess, but many bands, like Two Thirty Eight, will stick with this type of song phrasing.

On “Coin-Laundry Loser,” the band sounds eerily like The Get Up Kids, a la Four Minute Mile times; it’s really great, though! You know how you wish Radiohead would release another OK Computer, but you know they won’t, well, it’s the same way for Get Up Kids’ fans: we’d like to hear another Four…, but we won’t, because the band is too busy proving they’re not “just an emo band.” Whatever… thankfully, Two Thirty Eight is willing to pick up the Kids’ slack.

This record is truly and totally good! It rocks, it broods, and it just wants to be played! It’s not looking for you to examine the content deeply, it just wants to rock! Emo people will enjoy this thoroughly.

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