Unwritten Law

Unwritten Law



It’s probably rather embarrassing to admit to liking this one — after all, this is punk pop that brings to mind a diverse range of dubious bands, Poison, Sum 41, and Ted Nugent (thankfully without a trace of the latter’s politics), to name some particularly scary ones. But who cares, what with the annoyingly catchy “Up All Night,” the nice-boys-rock of “Blame it on Me,” and summer-hit “Rescue Me.” The lyrics are all about love and good times, which is a good thing once in a while, in-between all the deep sentiments and angst-ridden depression. Sure, it’s completely irrelevant music that’s been done to death and back for ages, and the album’s definitely got its fair share of poor tracks on it. But on the other hand, a bunch of the songs made me grin stupidly — and will do so the next time I play them as well.

It does what Cheap Trick are so brilliant at, which is making the naive and the present matter. Like, that instant rush of happiness may be gone in a second, but here’s the soundtrack that’ll let you remember it. Music for the good times.

Interscope Records: http://www.interscope.com

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