Suzzy and Maggie Roche

Suzzy and Maggie Roche

Zero Church

Red House

In the eighties, The Roches were one of the true darlings of both music critics and music lovers alike. They never managed to catch fire in a blockbuster manner, but always seemed to be able to create terrific music that pleased their fans and hopefully paid the bills. Two of the Roche sisters, Maggie and Suzzy are back with a new CD, titled Zero Church. All the beauty of the songwriting and singing is very much intact. Terre Roche even manages to do some guest vocals. Zero Church seems to be less optimistic than some of the other Roche family projects, they still project the warmth that always made The Roches so endearing. Maggie and Suzzy Roche prove that delicate doesn’t have to be dull, slow doesn’t have to be lifeless, and that the truth might hurt no matter how lovely you say it.

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