Embrace Oblivion

Screaming Ferret

Embrace Oblivion starts out in the right direction: slow, plodding, and heavy guitars, with a powerful drum beat. I had never heard of these guys, so I thought I was in for a treat; sadly, I was mistaken. After about a minute of sludge metal bliss, the band’s lead singer starts up, and things are downhill from then on. There are no effects on his vocals, he’s got a totally non-threatening voice that he tries to make scary, and he accentuates syllables in the same way that James Hetfield did, from ’82 to ’84.

I guess there’s a lot worse bands that Tearabyte could emulate; early Metallica is championed by pretty much every human being in the world. The thing is, though, that many guitar riffs from those days seem to pop up on this record, with a few notes changed here and there (see title track on this record). It’s OK to borrow ideas from the greats, but stealing their music is a whole new problem. Bad boys!

The vocals are just too annoying and poorly done for me to recommend this to people. This isn’t a terrible record; the guitars are awesome, the bass sounds really crunchy and aggressive, and the drums are OK (with exception being given to the hideously sloppy drum fills). I guess if you like Biohazard’s singer, and early Metallica, you’ll probably dig this. Otherwise, keep your distance.

Screaming Ferrett Records: http://www.screamingferret.com

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