Donna The Buffalo

Donna The Buffalo

Live from the American Ballroom


What at first seems to be a Grateful Dead rip-off has proven to be a more than viable band that stands firmly on its own 12 feet. Huge Dead fans themselves, Donna The Buffalo play country rock in the American Beauty kind of way, have fans that travels around with them, and encourages bootlegging. So, they don’t have a single idea of their own, then? Who cares when they make music this sweet.

This live double-set highlights their solid songwriting skills and, more importantly in this setting, the lovely, loose approach to their songs. Playing with a profound respect for each other and for the songs, they never over-reach or over-play, and while they regularly keep the songs going for at least ten minutes, they rarely if ever lose momentum. Much owing to the appealing hooks of their songs, one suspect, Donna The Buffalo avoid falling prey to the self-indulgent tendencies that plagued a similar band like Phish. This is, crucially, music you can move around to, music you can get into simply because it offers to meet you halfway there. Catch them if you can.

Donna The Buffalo:

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