Hindsight Is 20/20


I have absolutely no idea who these guys are, except that they’re young and that this is their debut release. None of that matters, though, with music as splendid as this. This five-track EP simply spills over with hooks and frantically energetic old-school skate-punk, so upbeat it’s guaranteed to plant a huge smile on your face, and so in-your-face that you can’t help but pay attention. Roundabout play feel-good punk, for sure, and their songs are basically love songs, plain and simple. And yes, that includes the one called “Guerilla Warfare,” from what I can gather. I think “Cloud 9” may be the best one, but “Every Night” is well up there, so who can tell really. Anyway, this is kiddie punk with an attitude, as far away from the likes of Sum 41 as you could possibly hope to come. A welcome kick in the jaw.

AVD Records:

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