Something Corporate

Something Corporate

Leaving Through the Window

Drive Thru / MCA

The name almost shoots the band in their collective feet, but it is perhaps name dropping labelmates New Found Glory in the opening verse of the opening song that almost hammers the final nail in the coffin. One element that lands the seesaw in this band’s favor is that the post-adolescent vocals are less annoying than Glory and that they utilize pianos and organs to serve as foundations for the melody. “I Want to Save You” kicks off the record in traditional pop-punk format, with a melody and chorus that despite all my best efforts, was too catchy to not hum afterwards.

But that was about all nasally-delivered polished rock that I could weather. The rest is standard fare that Weezer did much better and more creatively almost a decade ago. If you’re in middle school and like nothing better than to go to the mall in big jeans and scour Hot Topic for new band T-shirts, this CD is perfect for your collection. Which reminds me, my little sister’s birthday is coming up.

Something Corporate:

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