Worm Quartet

Worm Quartet

Stupid Video Game Music


Sometimes, an album has the perfect title. Sadly, this is not the case here, for though you could easily call this Video Game Music, it is not very stupid. No. It’s witty, and scatological, juvenile, smartassed… but stupid? Well, alright. Maybe a bit stupid. But funny as hell.

I mean, a sea shanty called “Boning Away on the Ottoman,” about sex on footrests? “Dear God,” which is a sort of prayer like XTC’s song of the same name, except XTC never had the foresight to ask that their wife not be Gilbert Gottfried in disguise. Or not turn their Pepsi One into rancid bison dung. Or not be gang-raped by Teletubbies — again. Or be reincarnated as Star Jones’ bicycle seat. And they sure took more than two minutes and change to go down their puny-in-comparison list.

But enough about that song. What about “Mommy’s Broken,” a seven-second track which gets five remixes? “Frank’s Not in the Band Anymore” gives us the story of Frank, the world’s most persistent drummer, who could teach Rick Allen a lesson or two. Witness the Ayn Randian self-assertion of “That Better Not Be a Fucking Raisin in My Cookie.” Or “I Wanna Poop in Diane Sawyer’s Mailbox” which has the title which you just read, go ahead, read it again. Enough. This stuff writes itself; if you’ve giggled once or twice through this review, you’re ready for this disc.

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