Lava Lamp Explosion

Lava Lamp Explosion

Lava Lamp Explosion

Neon Pie

One-man band Lava Lamp Explosion is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Marc Diffendal, who — with a little help from his friends — has made an unassuming album blending blues-rock workouts with solid pop compositions.

Perhaps a bit too diverse for its own good, Diffendal finds his strongest footing on the more melodically oriented tracks. “Watching Them” strolls around in Tom Petty-land and “Ship Without a Rudder” is a sweet, feel-good track. Elsewhere, there are a few too many tired 12-bar blues jams. Surely Diffendal would’ve made a stronger album if he’d focus more on the poppier music, infinitely more interesting than the worn-out blues-based material he presents. The album’s high point comes with the catchy, up-tempo “The More I Hang Around,” and one is left wishing there’d be more songs like that on here.

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