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The Fall on Deaf Ears

The Fall on Deaf Ears


When Laura Beard and Sarah Reiser died in a car crash in 1996, it was certainly a tragedy; after all, the two aspiring El Paso musicians were only 17 years old. This record is the only way you’ll ever hear them, in the form of five songs by their band The Fall on Deaf Ears, which also featured Cedric Bixler (At the Drive-In, Mars Volta) and Clint Newsom (Rhythm of Black Lines).

There wasn’t going to be any more music from the Fall on Deaf Ears; they had already broken up by the time Beard and Reiser died. Judging from this EP, they might well have gone on to do something in the neo-punk scene. They have all that grrl energy we love, and they seem to have charmed everyone. So it’s sad to hear this, but it’s a whole lot sadder to people in El Paso who have all the memories.

The songs? They’re pretty okay in terms of the world, but they’re pretty spectacular if you consider that everyone in the band was in their teens. “Do You Speak Braille” sold me, with its shouted chorus and growly groove; “Calls Of Defilement” proves that everyone loves Metallica; and “Your Reflection” features some slowcore melting into shreikcore: “You’re never gonna find your way if you follow!

I’m not sure I’d buy this – after all, it’s just kinda depressing to think about. But it ain’t bad at all. What might have been.

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