Morning Again

Morning Again

Hand of the Martyr


Chugga, Chugga, reee reee oooooo – Chugga, Chugga [growl, growl, arrrrgggghh!] Chugga, Chugga, reeee reeee ooooooo ARRRRRGGGGHHH! Look out everybody! Duck and hide! Run for cover! It’s the attack of really mad people playing Sick of It All style stomper punk, slowed down and with super chugga chugga metal riffs played through crappy sounding Marshall amplifiers! Help! They’re going to make me feel bad about myself and my lack of awareness as to the state of the world!

Yes, Hand of the Martyr is fashioned perfectly for teenaged boys with shaved heads, scowls, white suspenders, and Docs with white laces. I can see a group of young punks, practicing their windmills as this record blasts away in their stereo. Go! Oh, sorry about that. I have to admit, I’m really confused as to how the band can stay so upset throughout the entire record; the evil, Biohazard soundalike guitar riffs never brighten up, not even for a second; the lead singer, even when he’s trying to sing fast, fuels his voice with pure emotion of some sort (can’t tell if it’s anger, or maybe sadness [from extreme constipation?]). Pretty downtrodden stuff here.

Well, yeah, Morning Again is New York style hardcore, baby! Sorry if I’ve offended fans of the chugga chugga side of life, but this album is corny. If you are a fan of these guys, you’ll be happy to know that this release is a combination of the Hand Of Hope and Martyr releases, with an additional live set of music, so there!

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