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Ummm… Picture this: a good friend of yours says “Hey man, you’ve got to hear this! My band just finished our demo!” After the first 30 seconds or so, you realize that the music is absolutely hideous and laughable. The thing is, though, that this is your friend; you don’t want to slam the record when the inevitable question comes up “What do you think?”

Imagine the awkwardness as you listen to minute after minute of late ’80s guitar solos, Alice Cooper sounding vocal lines, drums that sound as if they were recorded in an aluminum outhouse, and an intentionally grainy sounding bass, as if your friend asked the producer to “make my bass have some real balls, man.” As you know, that mulleted, forty-something producer muttered “hell yeah” and the overtly heavy bass sound resulted. Just imagine how you would feel, sitting through the agony of some 15 of such terrible disasters. This is how I felt while listening to Hangin’ By a Thread.

The reason I felt so awkward is because the picture of the guy, Keni Fink (a.k.a. In Exile) reveals a friendly looking man in his late thirties/early forties, who probably saved up a bunch of money to record and release this record. I feel like a bastard for saying it’s completely awful, but it is what it is. Absolutely unforgivingly bad late ’80s style metal-pop. Yuck!

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