Following the release of their debut EP, South African trio Seether seems to be on their way up. Having just secured a spot on this year’s Ozzfest, they now churn out this one, their first full-length album. Coming across as a post-Korn version of Soundgarden, Seether have the air of the latest “it”-band surrounding them, and they’re certainly far more interesting than a lot of other bands operating in the post-grunge and nu-metal vein. But while they offer a fair share of rather good songs, heavy riffs and big choruses, it’s still a bit hard to be moved by it in any particularly profound way. There’s just little new or standout-ish about them, and a few too many of the tracks appear to be little more than filler material. With their occasional dip into pop-rock territory, however, Seether demonstrates that their scope is so much bigger than one could reasonably expect, and surely only timing and luck separate them from world domination.


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