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Spawned from the original evil seed that brought us Machine Head and Sepultura, Skinlab stand miles above the current breed of most nu-metal outfits, although admittedly, that’s not saying much. On their third album they keep knocking themselves in their heads while stamping and grunting all over the place. It’s not clever, but it’s not particularly dumb either. It’s trash metal of stadium proportions, all baggy pants and metal chains. Sonically interesting for a short while, there’s still no denying that Skinlab are already beginning to repeat themselves, and they are only three albums into their career. If a bit repetitive and unassuming, this is however highly recommendable for its moshability, and the upcoming tour should be evil, in a good way.

The album ends with close to 20 minutes of confused teens’ real-life call-ins to “the reVolting Hotline” (!), a weird combination of sad and disturbing listening material that may not help neither the album nor the callers solve any of their problems.

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