Chill Out Lounge

Chill Out Lounge Vol. 3

Vol. 3

Water Music

Bliss be not boring. And, if you really need something to help you fall asleep, call your pharmacist or have Mommy read you a bedtime story. Why should chill-out be a sedative? The producers of this latest Chill Out Lounge understand that it should not be. They left the Muzak at home and have packed this compilation with good music. There is not a boring note to be heard.

The disc starts off with Deja-Move Meets Mr. Yoshiaki’s “Across Waters,” a luscious soundscape that tugs at the libido with so many changes you feel like you’re cheating on it. Ike and Lon’s “Ataman” is a smoldering hi-hat atmospheric loop that really puts the smoke in your eyes. There’s also the down-home dreaminess of Org Lounge’s “Mirror,” the sax-laden “Moonburn” by Baby Mammoth, and Bonobo’s brilliant “Silver.” Fila Brazillia also dazzles with “Laying Down the Law on the Lard,” a snappy acoustic display with mesmerizing atmospherics. There are also nice cuts by Low Rider, Chin Chillaz, Karuan, and Moss. Oh, you will most definitely chill — without falling into the icy grip of slumber.

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