The Kennedys

The Kennedys

Get It Right

Jiffy Jam

Too traditional-sounding for the alt-country clientele and too alternative for either mainstream Nashville or traditional folk, The Kennedys fall between all stools but don’t really seem to give a damn. Proteges and former employees of Nanci Griffith’s band, the husband-and-wife duo garners critical acclaim wherever they go, and their ever-growing fan base include celebs like Steve Earle, Nils Lofgren, and Roger McGuinn, all of whom have helped out on their previous albums.

Maura and Pete Kennedy move effortlessly between every style from soul to rockabilly, all neatly absorbed into their solidly crafted, country-infused folk pop. From the sweet title track — a Stevie Nicks-goes-roots kind of thing — to the feel-good pop 101 lesson that is “Half Of Us,” The Kennedys seem unable to come up with anything but instantly likeable songs. And if one sometimes wish they’d do something just a bit jarring or even slightly atonal, the album’s diversity and playfulness make sure they keep things interesting and strangely intriguing.

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