The Snitches

The Snitches

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Oh Tonito!

No, not The Sneetches. The Snitches have the rotten luck of being quite talented but possessing a name somewhat close to an established (albeit obscure) outfit in roughly the same genre. While The Sneetches play a more acrobatic sort of pop, The Snitches lean towards the power side of things, often reminding me of decade-old acts like Hypnolovewheel, Material Issue, and (egad) The Flamin’ Groovies. This is a good thing.

With a penchant for a sticky, catchy shoutalong chorus (“Right Before My Eyes,” “In My Head”), the band whizzes by at a breakneck rate, often sounding like another band but coming up with a surprise. Cases in point: “Perfect Gentleman,” which has a tropical Haircut 100 feel on the verses and insolent piano-vocals worthy of Joe Jackson for a chorus. Or “Crazy Talking Girl” which puts a George Harrison melodic spin on a low Soundgarden rumble. “Swallow” is the only bad song on here, reminding me of Creed’s histrionics for some reason. And the closing “Slut Shark” hearkens back to R.E.M.’s Life’s Rich Pageant days. But whatever other band they may sound like, The Snitches definitely have am energetic and clever character of their own.

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